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Visa Vs MasterCard: Which Is The Best?

Are you looking for a new credit card in Indonesia? Which one to buy? Visa card or MasterCard? Confused? Well, don’t you worry as this article will come in handy to deal with your bafflement.

But to begin with, let’s understand that neither MasterCard nor Visa card issues or distributes credit cards. The credit cards themselves are issued by the bank. Both MasterCard and Visa card are networks utilized to process payments between banks and merchants for purchases made via cards.

Before we take a deep dive into the differences between the two payment networks, let’s clarify the two; MasterCard and Visa card share more similarities than differences. Both Visa card and MasterCard offer added perks like fraud security and payment protection to their cardholders. When it comes to taking a final call on which one to choose, it is recommended to consider that what the issuing bank is offering in a credit card.



Both Visa card and MasterCard offer worldwide acceptance so it is advisable to consider the following details for each card before deciding on your credit card application:

  1. Annual Fees

The annual fee charged on a credit card varies from bank to bank depending upon the features available or perks covered by a credit card. Therefore, you’ll be expected to pay higher annual fees for Visa Platinum, Signature and Infinite cards as well as World MasterCard because these cards offer premium features to its cardholders.

  1. Interest Rates

The interest rate paid on a credit card plays a significant role in deciding on the cost of the credit card. So, consider both the purchase rate and the cash advance rate for each card before deciding on the final one.

  1. Interest-free Days

On clearing your credit by the statement due date, the issuer offers an interest-free period, such as “up to 30 days interest-free”. You can make purchases without bothering about the interest. So, it is worth noting the number of interest-free days that a bank offers.

  1. Rewards

If you are planning to go for a reward card then do consider the type of rewards available, the earn rate and your average card spending so that you can gauge if the annual fee being charged is worthwhile or not.

  1. Complimentary Extras

Many a times, Visa card and MasterCard offer complimentary services like complimentary insurance, airport lounge access, flight vouchers and concierge services. These services add to the value of the card. So, choose wisely after scanning the fine print of every card.

  1. Introductory Offers

Credit card offers features like 0% balance transfer, bonus points and 0% purchase rates for an introductory period which can add value to your card for a short-period of term.

  1. Security Services

Apart from the security services offered by Visa card and MasterCard, the issuer of card may offer 24*7 fraud monitoring services, temporarily locking the card on being misplaced and daily transaction limits.

It will be difficult to vouch for one of the two payment networks but we recommend you to go through the aforementioned details before going for a credit card application.



Cashless economy has picked up a lot in the recent years. The introduction of cards, electronic wallets and online banking has brought a huge change and growth in the country’s economy. The credit cards, debit cards, shopping cards and many more have simplified our way of living and narrowed the risk of theft and robbery. Nowadays, banks offer a wide array of Credit Card Promotions & schemes for increasing their customer base and earning loyal clients.

There are numerous schemes like reward points, travel miles, discounts, cash backs, complimentary offers etc. on Master Card and Visa Cards for facilitating the customers. There are plenty of useful credit card promotions provided by banks like Citibank to its patrons under various types of credit cards like Citi Telkomsel Card, Garuda Indonesia Citi Card, Citi Simplicity+ Card, Citi Cash Back Platinum Card etc.



You can avail the fascinating offers that Visa Card and Master Card provide by abiding the easy to follow terms and conditions of the banks. Unlike many other competitors, the Credit Card Promotions of Citi Bank are easy to fulfill and do not come with many ifs and buts. The most loved feature of their Credit Card Promotions is that the reward points, air miles and shopping points earned by the customers do not lapse. The bank branches are spread across the globe and the services viz. air miles, shopping points, international transactions etc. can be availed in any country.One just needs to apply for the credit card which can be done even online.

For earning 10% interest on Visa card bill, one just needs to pay his dues on time every month. There are no caps or over limit fees on this offer on Citi Simplicity+ Card. You can enjoy the benefits of 20 kilograms extra baggage and free air miles on Garuda Indonesia Citi Card. Abundant offers await you at Citi Bank.

One must provide proof of payment (invoice/ receipt of transaction, in original), the credit card slip and identity proof to avail the Credit Card Promotions provided by various banks. The banks do not allow transfer of benefits from one cardholder to another. Various promotional offers cannot be clubbed with one another. These are a few basic conditions to be kept in mind by the customers before utilizing offers on credit cards like Visa Card and Master Cards etc.

The banks provide 24 hour phone banking facility, free hotline numbers for handling customer grievances, automatic and immediate activation of credit cards and many more services to make the lives and lifestyle of their customers effortless and relaxed. These services can be availed at the click of a button. Every dining experience, shopping spree and flight fancy would fetch you a bonus goodie if you transact via Citi Bank Credit Card. We wish you a happy incentive spending experience!