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How To Apply For Citibank Gold Credit Card In Indonesia?

With the ever changing times, financial transactions are also undergoing a significant metamorphosis. Times have gone by when one used to carry bulky wallets and a huge purse. Digital payments and cards are here to take care of all our needs. Credit cards is the new way to make payments and transfers. They offer great payment options, easy instalment features and superb benefits.

Citibank provides a huge range of credit cards to its customers, like Citi Rewards Card, Citi Premier Miles Card, Citi Cash Back Platinum card, Citi Bank Gold Credit Card, Citi Simplicity+ Card, Citi Prestige Card and many more. Every credit card offers different services and benefits to its users. Gold Credit Card is most famous among all the Citi Bank Credit Cards. It offers numerous facilities and rewards to its customers. It offers points for dining, shopping and domestic/ international travel. The best part about Citi Bank Gold Credit Cards is that, the points never lapse; there is no expiry date on the reward points earned on Gold Cards. Furthermore, Gold Card Benefits include a 15% discount on purchases while using reward points.



Easy and quick addition of points in the account of the user is one of the many loved Gold Card Services offered by Citibank Indonesia. Applying for a Citi Bank Gold Credit Card is very easy and convenient. You can do it online in a matter of minutes. You just need to answer a few questions regarding annual income and the cards owned by you through Citi Bank; based on the information provided, the online system will approve or reject your application for the credit card. If the application is accepted, you need to fill in your basic personal details, contact information and employment details and you are done. Applying for Citi Gold Credit Card is an easy and quick process offered by the bank and loved by its ever increasing customer base.

You can gauge the level of transparency in the workings of the Bank through its simple terms and conditions applicable on its customers for availing the services of Gold Credit Card. If there is any change in the terms and conditions, the bank intimates the customers with a prior notice regarding the same. The bank offers communication of various offers about to lapse or upcoming offers via various mediums like SMS, email, call, post etc.

You can avail the benefits and apply for a Citi Bank Gold Credit Card via phone banking or visiting the nearest branch of the Bank. The Gold Card Benefits and services are aplenty; they are in line with the needs of the modern man.

Gift a Gold Card to your near and dear ones and they can’t thank you enough for it! It is an amazingly practical and modern gift for your spouse. She would love the gift of endless shopping and you can enjoy the romantic dinners with her from the bonuses earned! Happy incentive spending to you!