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Visa Vs MasterCard: Which Is The Best?

Are you looking for a new credit card in Indonesia? Which one to buy? Visa card or MasterCard? Confused? Well, don’t you worry as this article will come in handy to deal with your bafflement.

But to begin with, let’s understand that neither MasterCard nor Visa card issues or distributes credit cards. The credit cards themselves are issued by the bank. Both MasterCard and Visa card are networks utilized to process payments between banks and merchants for purchases made via cards.

Before we take a deep dive into the differences between the two payment networks, let’s clarify the two; MasterCard and Visa card share more similarities than differences. Both Visa card and MasterCard offer added perks like fraud security and payment protection to their cardholders. When it comes to taking a final call on which one to choose, it is recommended to consider that what the issuing bank is offering in a credit card.



Both Visa card and MasterCard offer worldwide acceptance so it is advisable to consider the following details for each card before deciding on your credit card application:

  1. Annual Fees

The annual fee charged on a credit card varies from bank to bank depending upon the features available or perks covered by a credit card. Therefore, you’ll be expected to pay higher annual fees for Visa Platinum, Signature and Infinite cards as well as World MasterCard because these cards offer premium features to its cardholders.

  1. Interest Rates

The interest rate paid on a credit card plays a significant role in deciding on the cost of the credit card. So, consider both the purchase rate and the cash advance rate for each card before deciding on the final one.

  1. Interest-free Days

On clearing your credit by the statement due date, the issuer offers an interest-free period, such as “up to 30 days interest-free”. You can make purchases without bothering about the interest. So, it is worth noting the number of interest-free days that a bank offers.

  1. Rewards

If you are planning to go for a reward card then do consider the type of rewards available, the earn rate and your average card spending so that you can gauge if the annual fee being charged is worthwhile or not.

  1. Complimentary Extras

Many a times, Visa card and MasterCard offer complimentary services like complimentary insurance, airport lounge access, flight vouchers and concierge services. These services add to the value of the card. So, choose wisely after scanning the fine print of every card.

  1. Introductory Offers

Credit card offers features like 0% balance transfer, bonus points and 0% purchase rates for an introductory period which can add value to your card for a short-period of term.

  1. Security Services

Apart from the security services offered by Visa card and MasterCard, the issuer of card may offer 24*7 fraud monitoring services, temporarily locking the card on being misplaced and daily transaction limits.

It will be difficult to vouch for one of the two payment networks but we recommend you to go through the aforementioned details before going for a credit card application.



Cashless economy has picked up a lot in the recent years. The introduction of cards, electronic wallets and online banking has brought a huge change and growth in the country’s economy. The credit cards, debit cards, shopping cards and many more have simplified our way of living and narrowed the risk of theft and robbery. Nowadays, banks offer a wide array of Credit Card Promotions & schemes for increasing their customer base and earning loyal clients.

There are numerous schemes like reward points, travel miles, discounts, cash backs, complimentary offers etc. on Master Card and Visa Cards for facilitating the customers. There are plenty of useful credit card promotions provided by banks like Citibank to its patrons under various types of credit cards like Citi Telkomsel Card, Garuda Indonesia Citi Card, Citi Simplicity+ Card, Citi Cash Back Platinum Card etc.



You can avail the fascinating offers that Visa Card and Master Card provide by abiding the easy to follow terms and conditions of the banks. Unlike many other competitors, the Credit Card Promotions of Citi Bank are easy to fulfill and do not come with many ifs and buts. The most loved feature of their Credit Card Promotions is that the reward points, air miles and shopping points earned by the customers do not lapse. The bank branches are spread across the globe and the services viz. air miles, shopping points, international transactions etc. can be availed in any country.One just needs to apply for the credit card which can be done even online.

For earning 10% interest on Visa card bill, one just needs to pay his dues on time every month. There are no caps or over limit fees on this offer on Citi Simplicity+ Card. You can enjoy the benefits of 20 kilograms extra baggage and free air miles on Garuda Indonesia Citi Card. Abundant offers await you at Citi Bank.

One must provide proof of payment (invoice/ receipt of transaction, in original), the credit card slip and identity proof to avail the Credit Card Promotions provided by various banks. The banks do not allow transfer of benefits from one cardholder to another. Various promotional offers cannot be clubbed with one another. These are a few basic conditions to be kept in mind by the customers before utilizing offers on credit cards like Visa Card and Master Cards etc.

The banks provide 24 hour phone banking facility, free hotline numbers for handling customer grievances, automatic and immediate activation of credit cards and many more services to make the lives and lifestyle of their customers effortless and relaxed. These services can be availed at the click of a button. Every dining experience, shopping spree and flight fancy would fetch you a bonus goodie if you transact via Citi Bank Credit Card. We wish you a happy incentive spending experience!

How To Apply For Citibank Gold Credit Card In Indonesia?

With the ever changing times, financial transactions are also undergoing a significant metamorphosis. Times have gone by when one used to carry bulky wallets and a huge purse. Digital payments and cards are here to take care of all our needs. Credit cards is the new way to make payments and transfers. They offer great payment options, easy instalment features and superb benefits.

Citibank provides a huge range of credit cards to its customers, like Citi Rewards Card, Citi Premier Miles Card, Citi Cash Back Platinum card, Citi Bank Gold Credit Card, Citi Simplicity+ Card, Citi Prestige Card and many more. Every credit card offers different services and benefits to its users. Gold Credit Card is most famous among all the Citi Bank Credit Cards. It offers numerous facilities and rewards to its customers. It offers points for dining, shopping and domestic/ international travel. The best part about Citi Bank Gold Credit Cards is that, the points never lapse; there is no expiry date on the reward points earned on Gold Cards. Furthermore, Gold Card Benefits include a 15% discount on purchases while using reward points.



Easy and quick addition of points in the account of the user is one of the many loved Gold Card Services offered by Citibank Indonesia. Applying for a Citi Bank Gold Credit Card is very easy and convenient. You can do it online in a matter of minutes. You just need to answer a few questions regarding annual income and the cards owned by you through Citi Bank; based on the information provided, the online system will approve or reject your application for the credit card. If the application is accepted, you need to fill in your basic personal details, contact information and employment details and you are done. Applying for Citi Gold Credit Card is an easy and quick process offered by the bank and loved by its ever increasing customer base.

You can gauge the level of transparency in the workings of the Bank through its simple terms and conditions applicable on its customers for availing the services of Gold Credit Card. If there is any change in the terms and conditions, the bank intimates the customers with a prior notice regarding the same. The bank offers communication of various offers about to lapse or upcoming offers via various mediums like SMS, email, call, post etc.

You can avail the benefits and apply for a Citi Bank Gold Credit Card via phone banking or visiting the nearest branch of the Bank. The Gold Card Benefits and services are aplenty; they are in line with the needs of the modern man.

Gift a Gold Card to your near and dear ones and they can’t thank you enough for it! It is an amazingly practical and modern gift for your spouse. She would love the gift of endless shopping and you can enjoy the romantic dinners with her from the bonuses earned! Happy incentive spending to you!

5 Popular Cashback Credit Card Providers In Indonesia

A credit card when used wisely can do wonders to one’s personal finance management. With so many credit card providers in the market, one wrong selection of a credit card provider, which doesn’t match your requirements at the best can defeat the entire purpose of using a credit card.

Are you planning to buy a credit card in Indonesia? If yes, then scroll down to know more about five popular cashback credit card providers in Indonesia (in no particular order):



  1. BCA Cards

Bank BCA offers the following cashback credit cards and cash reward credit cards: BCA Everyday card, BCA Mastercard Matahari, BCA Visa Platinum, BCA Card Platinum and BCA Singapore Airlines PPS Club Visa Infinite. The benefits that a credit cardholder can avail from these cards vary from a card to card.

  1. Bank Mega Cards

Bank Mega offers an array of cashback credit cards and cash reward credit cards. Some of the cash cards help you earn a reward for every transaction you make reaching Rp 200,000.

For example, a cardholder of Mega Barca Card receives complimentary travel accident insurance and a discount of up to 50% at The Trans Luxury Hotel in Bandung. Also, they can avail a discount of up to 10% at Metro Department Store.

  1. BNI Cards

Alike other cashback credit card providers, Bank BNI also offers a wide range of cashback credit cards and cash reward credit cards; BNI Visa, BNI MasterCard, BNI JCB Platinum and BNI Affinity Card to name a few.

For example, the cardholder of JCB Platinum card can earn a cash rebate of up to Rp 15,000 as welcome gift and 1 reward point for every Rp 2,500 spent. A good news for all the travelers out there: The top 10 spenders every year earns a chance to travel free of cost to Japan. So, grab the opportunity by applying today!

  1. Citibank Cards

Citibank offers a wide range of cashback credit cards and cash reward credit cards, some of which are Citi Prestige, Citi PremierMiles, Citi Cashback Platinum and Citi Telkomsel.

For example, the cardholder of Citi Cashback Card can avail the benefit of up to 5% cashback for every grocery, dining and gasoline transaction. Cardholders’ of Citibank are assured of safe and secure transaction as the issuer sends notification alerts via SMS and emails without charging any additional Rp.

  1. Bank Mandiri Cards

One of the top credit card providers in Indonesia, Bank Mandiri offers a wide range of cashback credit cards and cash reward credit cards like Platinum Card, Hypermart Card, Golf Card and many more. The benefits offered by every card varies.

For example, the cardholder of Hypermart Card can avail a cashback of up to 10% for transactions at Foodmart and Hypermart. Also, the bank is considered one of the best credit card issuers in the country because of the services like low annual fees for both the main card and the supplement card.

The aforementioned card providers claim to be the best in terms of understanding the customer’s needs and lifestyle. Nevertheless, do visit their websites to gather more information.

9 reasons credit cards get declined

Many of the credit card holders experience an embarrassing moment with the declined credit card, especially in a shopping area, with all the products gathered in the cart. At times, the card gets declined during the emergency and thinking of an alternative payment mode is almost impossible. Understanding the reasons why credit cards get declined and avoiding them can help you avoid the humiliating experiences.


  • Exceed Limit

Usually, debit cards are declined when the fund in the account is insufficient and similar to that, a credit card is declined if the cardholder crosses the credit limit. Further, some bankers block the cards for default in the repayment.

To rule out this issue, keep an eye on your balance. If your expenses are 10%-30% below the limit, a good credit score can be maintained.

  • Data Error

The cards are rejected when the code is not entered properly. Further, expired cards may not fetch you the requested money.

When you experience card rejection more than once, slow down the pace and check if you have entered erroneous data. At times, multiple incorrect entries may also lead to rejection. Change of address too can also be a reason for the decline. Make sure to apply for renewal of the old card, before it gets expired. If there is any automatic payment, make sure to update them about the expiry date.

  • New Rules

The multiple credit card holders need to make prompt payments because a single missed payment on a card may reflect on another, especially if they are from the same issuer. Since the credit card companies constantly watch over the payment details, the possibility of reducing the credit limit due to the default in payment can happen.

To avoid it, make sure to maintain good credit history and regularly monitor your email, which may include details about the new rules.

  • Cancellation

Sometimes, the newly replaced card details or the account closed information is not passed on to one of the authorised user, in case of multiple user credit cards.

Check with the bank about the recent update of the credit card and inquire about the reason that affects the ability to use the card.

  • Unusual Activity

The credit card companies keep track of your expending pattern and if there is anything unusual, they may block the credit card to avoid fraudulent practices. Similarly, when your card has been used in an unusual location, rejection may happen.

  • Technology

If you use a card which does not have an embedded computer chip, it may not work on EMV technology, which is common in European countries. Therefore, if you are travelling offshore, contact your credit card issuer and learn if the card is valid in your travel destination.

  • Change in Shipping Address

An online purchase is declined, if there is a change in the shipping address so as to avoid fraudulent practices. Immediately call the hotline for instant help.

  • Wrong Card

Using a debit card or gift card or a prepaid card instead of the credit card may leave you embarrassed of rejection. Sometimes, if the merchant’s payment system does not support your card, you may face rejection.

  • Closed Account

In case of the bank account being closed for a reason, the credit card is rejected.

How to apply credit card for student Indonesia?

We live in the dawn of a cashless era that the credit cards play a crucial role in everyday life and the students are not the exception. College students can use it to access additional funding for their education, expenses and even to have fun, as well.


Why should students use credit cards?

  • Credit cards help the students to learn how to use the money and the freedom.
  • Proper usage of credit cards enhance their credit history
  • Opportunity to apply for loans increases, when they maintain a good credit score.
  • Bankers review their credit score for vehicle loans, future mortgages, apartment rentals etc.,
  • Using credit cards in the right way gives opportunity for the students to be more responsible in money matters
  • Credit cards teach them to manage money in a better way.
  • Using credit cards with fraud protection allows them to stay away from unauthorized purchases.
  • Make use of the cards that come with extended warranties and additional protections.
  • Common services like car rentals and hotel bookings need a credit authorisation.
  • Students can easily manage the emergencies and unexpected accidents, with the credit card on hand.
  • Without the need to take hot cash in their wallet, the students find credit cards as the easy and convenient way of shopping.
  • Credit cards with a cash back offer, discounts, etc., can be availed to buy books, food and to pay bills.

Today, using credit cards is a necessity than a convenience and financial experts strongly recommend it as a learning tool, which helps them learn how to handle money and freedom. Citibank Indonesia offers an array of credit cards, which can be employed by the students to meet out their expenses; to improve their credit ranking; to earn rewards; and to benefit from the discounts, deals and cash back offers.

  • Citi Rewards Card – Earn rewards points to shop and dine with Citi Rewards Card; and enjoy discounts up to 15% for shopping in certain stores.
  • Citi PremierMiles Card – Travel with PremierMiles card and get free access at airport lounges; and redeem the miles while booking airline tickets.
  • Citi Cash Back Platinum Card – Cash back offers up to 5% on dining, grocery shopping and gasoline can be availed.
  • Citi Simplicity+ Card – Earn 10% of the interest amount back, by paying on time.
  • Garuda Inonesia Citi Card – Offers 5% on ticket purchase in local Indonesian transport and get an additional 20 kg luggage.
  • Citi Telkomsel Card – Students can earn 3x rewards points, while paying the monthly billing of Telkomsel via Citibank card. In addition to that, the students can get 2x rewards points at particular theatres, coffee shops, electronic merchants, mobile app, Shell gas station etc.
  • Citi Prestige Card – Students can enjoy the executive and concierge services and a lot more opulent offers.

Before getting a credit card, the student should have thorough knowledge on how to use the cards, without falling into the trap of debts and it is a life lesson.

What type of credit card is best for me?

Without cash in the wallet, our purchasing power is enhanced through the credit cards because these cards expand the purchasing power above the fund deposited in the bank account. However, the freedom for additional spending has its price. In other words, the credit card loan interest rate is the highest in the loan space.

Every month, a bill with comprehensive transaction details is sent to the credit cardholders, requesting to pay on time. Paying the credit card debts on time can fetch you umpteen numbers of benefits, while failure to the repayment may end up in disastrous debt. By carefully managing the debts, you can enjoy the interest free loan. With oodles of credit card types on the table, choosing the right credit card that blends with your needs may work like a charm.


All the cards in the market come under the following six categories. Check and find out which category blends with your spending patterns and also ensure if you can pay the bills without any delay, before applying.

Rewards Card

Rewards card may come in the form of Cash Back Cards, Loyalty Cards for shopping and Air miles cards for travellers. These cards are availed to people who maintain top notch credit scores. It is ideal for customers, who repay the credits every month, without fail. If the balance is not paid off, the accrued benefits will be cancelled and added to that, a heavy interest has to be paid for the default in payment.

Credit Card Loans

Many credit cards come with 0% interest for the purchases that are paid through the cards. It is the quick loan online and requires repayment, before the due date. The default in payment may perk up the interest up to 2.5% per month. If you intend to buy a bigger or expensive gadget and cannot pay within a month’s time, this type of card is ideal for you, as the interest free period may extend up to 2 years or more.


To close the current debts on the credit cards, go for a card that offers the balance transfer facility, at 0% interest. Similarly, if the current interest rate is higher compared to another credit card in the market, be ready to pay the penalty amount and make a transfer.

Improving Credit Score

The credit card issuers want to help people who struggle to pay off their debts on time. Prompt payment made on every month is encouraged with 10% interest amount in Citibank Indonesia. Eventually, there is an increase on the credit score and hopefully, it helps to be eligible for a premium card.

Multi-Currency Operations

If you have business in other countries or want to protect your savings in a foreign currency or any other reason for multi-currency usage, go for cards that allow international transactions.

Other Cards

The reputed Indonesian banks like Citibank offers reward points to pay the Telkomsel bills; rewards to pay the local transportation through Garuda Indonesia card; and a lot more.