7 tips for using credit cards while traveling

Travelling without a credit card is not an insane, but carrying it may ease the vacation, as it is all about relaxation. The compact plastic cards can be conveniently packed in your small wallet, yet can give you the exact record of your travel expenses. Moreover, it is a safer approach than using cash.

Travel Offers You Didn’t Know

Apart from the general usage of credit cards like filling the tank and shopping, your card might hold multitude travel benefits, which you may not know. These cards may afford a bigger suit within your budget, a free lunch or late checkout facilities. Therefore, before packing your luggage, talk to your credit card issuer to figure out the benefits.


Medical Insurance

Medical insurance is a mandatory document, if you travel abroad. A few cards may offer you discounted or free medical insurance in their package. Very often, the availability of medical insurance is offered through online, to further ease the process.

Transaction Fee in Abroad

International transactions are charged by the banks, but now the number of banks that do not charge for foreign transaction fees is growing. Citibank Indonesia offers 1 Premier Mile for every Rp 5.000, spent offshore. Similarly, Rp 8.750 spent within Indonesia through Citi PremierMiles earns 1 Premier miles. These miles can be redeemed in the traveling expenses. If you travel frequently, then try airline credit cards or air miles card for more benefits.

Additional Card

Carrying different types of travel credit cards from different credit card companies (like Visa travel card, Mastercard air miles card) is wiser, while travelling abroad. When a card is rejected for any reason, there should be an alternative option to manage in an unknown country.

Intimate The Issuers

Letting the bankers know about your travel is important to avail the concierge services, to block the card when it gets lost, to get the toll-free numbers at the destination, etc. Further, ask them if there are any daily spending limits or ATM withdrawal, to plan your finance. Similarly, you can also request a time extension for repayment, if necessary.

Legal Holds

Many hotels, gas stations and restaurants hold or block your card for a specific period and it is legal. Although it reduces their risk, if it crosses your credit limit, you may be trapped. You may not know the fact, until your card gets denied. Further, watch out if there is double billing due to a technical error.

Completely Credit Card

Using different types of cards for different types of expenses may fetch you more benefits. At the same time, it helps to budget for the future travels.

When you travel, avoid using public Wi-Fi network for banking. Use internet cafes or hotel public computers only for reading newspapers or for checking weather. Instead you can download the official mobile application into your smartphone and use it. It is good, in terms of privacy as well as security. Even though if you have 15 types of credit cards for travel, carry some hot cash to pay out where credit card facility cannot be availed.


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