How to Choose the Right Health Insurance Policy

Health-Insurance-PolicyMedical emergencies or medical problems can strike anyone at anytime. It is best to be prepared to face such emergencies and insurance, health insurance, in particular, is accepted the world-over as the best tool to help you when you are facing such a situation. Here, we will try and put together a few tips to help you choose the right Health Insurance Policy in Indonesia:

Jaminan Kesehatan Nasional – JKN

Indonesia’s government has launched a scheme, Jaminan Kesehatan Nasional (JKN), implemented by the newly-formed social security agency Badan Penyelenggara Jaminan Sosial Kesehatan (BPJS), to provide basic care available to all by 2019.

Under JKN, all citizens are now able to access a wide range of health services provided by public facilities, as well as services from a few private organisations that have opted to join the scheme as providers. JKN care aims to be comprehensive, covering treatment for everyday concerns such as flu through to open-heart surgery, dialysis and chemotherapy.

Under Presidential Decree No 111, large, medium and small companies must participate as of January 1, 2015 in the national health insurance programme. Those in formal employment pay a premium equivalent to 5% of their salary, with 4% payable by employers and 1% payable by employees. Informal workers, the self-employed and investors pay fixed monthly premiums of between Rp 25,500 and Rp 59,500 in a tiered system of first, second and third-rate care depending on the contributions they choose to pay.

With challenges remaining in the JKN system, private health continues to play a role by providing for excess or additional coverage of services not included in JKN.

Private Health Insurance

If you are opting for private health insurance, keep in mind the following:

Plan Your Needs – Opt for a health policy after considering your existing health needs and budget. A standard cover may be sufficient if you or your family members do not have any health problems.   However, if you or your family members already have a medical condition or are pre-disposed to such, you could consider a more comprehensive health cover.

Pre-Existing Medical Conditions – In case you already have a pre-existing medical condition, it is important that you declare this condition; you could check beforehand whether your policy covers this condition. Your premiums may get “loaded” (additional amount added to your premium) but it may be worth it in the long-run. Some health policies may provide cover for certain conditions only after a waiting period (2 years, 4 years etc); so check for such conditions before you sign up.

Individual / Family Policy – You can also opt to go in for individual covers for each of your family members or for single cover that extends to your entire family. In the case of the former, you may get higher cover, in the case of the latter you could save on costs.

Exclusions – All health insurance products contain exclusions; understand the exclusions that apply to the policy you are looking at and how it could impact you given your current medical condition / requirements.

Compare and Shop – Before you go in for a particular health insurance product, compare. Compare it with other similar products from other insurers for costs, ease of claims, hospital network, customer service, facilities offered, types of expenses covered, ease of renewal etc.

Servicing your Policy – Finally, do not forget to pay your premiums on time and if your policy requires so, declare any changes in your medical condition.

Health Insurance for Expats – Expats in Indonesia are not entitled to any national healthcare. However, they may avail of private healthcare insurance and a number of private health insurance providers cater to expats with a range of insurance packages.

Examples of Private Health Insurance Packages

▪ Citibank’s New Save in Safe provides 24 hours worldwide insurance protection coverage, provides more protection to complement your existing hospital insurance and returns a minimum of 80% of your premiums even though there have been claims paid. Citibank also provides the Ultimate Link Assurance Account (ULAA) Health, a product that provides both health cover and an investment.

▪ ACE Jaya Proteksi, provides health insurance that does not require any medical check-up, that is paid on top of any other insurance and a variety of other benefits. A group health insurance product is also available.


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